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Sample Letters: Third Request For Correction Of Billing Error

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Third Request For Correction Of Billing Error

Third Request for Correction of Billing Error


Tom Atkinson
14 Edith Street,
Hackney West,

Dear [NAME, ex. Tom Atkinson],

This is the third letter regarding the request for crediting
my account.

Enclosed are copies of previous letters, to avoid having
to set forth the same information for you again.
Unfortunately, this is becoming quite annoying by all of
the late notices you have been sending in error. It would
be greatly appreciated if someone would straighten out
the problem that exists on your end.

The difficulty you must have in maintaining all of your
records is understandable. If you would bring my
correspondence to the attention of your credit manager,
they may decide to suspend the mailing of these
notices until this problem is resolved.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

[YOUR NAME, ex. Tony Montana]

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