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Sample Letters: Press Release: Merger

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Press Release: Merger




[FIRM #1, ex. EnerTechnologies Incorporated] and [FIRM #2, ex. QuadraTech Enterprises] are please to announce a merger, which will take effect on [DATE, ex. July 15, 1998] to form [MERGED FIRM, EnerQuad Technologies].

[STATE OBJECTIVE OF MERGER, ex. This merger represents a pooling of the expertise of two major microprocessor technology firms, in an effort to develop and produce a superior line of processors compatible with the popular A3 and M4 lines.] [BRIEFLY STATE HISTORY OF BOTH FIRMS, ex. EnerTechnologies is the producer of the widely-used A3 line of processors, which have dominated the mainframe market for the past four years. QuadraTech specializes in technological consulting; it boasts a staff of well-recognized electrical engineers, most renown for their work on the M4 line of processors.]

The new firm, [MERGED FIRM, EnerQuad Technologies]ís central office will be located at [ADDRESS & TELEPHONE NUMBER, ex. 5244 First Street, Uptown, CA, 94982, (419) 555-5436].

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