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Sample Letters: Internal Announcement Of Job To Group

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Internal Announcement Of Job To Group


To: [IDENTIFY GROUP, ex. Sales Staff]


Date: [DATE, ex. July 5, 1998]

Subject: [POSITION, ex. Sales Manager] position opening

As you are aware, the [POSITION, ex. Sales Manager] position at our firm has become available. Although we will be soliciting outside to fill this position, we do indeed prefer to promote internally. Consequently, I will be pleased to accept any applications made in writing from anyone interested. Please forward all applications to [NAME, ex. Tom Atkinson].

The [STATE POSITION, ex. Sales Manager] position involves the following duties:

o Management of sales staff of 45
o Development and implementation of marketing plans
o Development of sales budgets
o Reporting to Vice President, etc.]

Accordingly, I will be looking for the following skills and prerequisites:

o Master of Business Administration
o Five years experience in the computer industry
o Strong interpersonal skills
o Ability to work in teams
o Proven leadership
o Well-developed English skills etc.]

You will be pleased to hear of the following benefits this position offers:

o Company expense account
o Health insurance
o Company pension plan
o Stock options
o Potential for promotion, etc.] {OPTIONAL: List expected salary or salary range}

I am certain that many members of our [IDENTIFY GROUP, ex. Sales Staff] are highly qualified for this position and I encourage you to forward an application if you are interested.

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