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Announcement Of Employee Award


To: [RECIPIENT, ex. Sales Staff]


Date: [DATE, ex. July 5, 1998]

Subject: [AWARD, ex. Best Salesperson of the Year]

I am very happy to announce that [NAME, ex. Jill Johnson], [STATE POSITION, ex. a member of our European sales staff], has been [awarded / named / chosen etc.] [STATE AWARD, ex. the Best Salesperson of the Year].

[STATE REASON FOR AWARD, ex. In the year, 1997, Jill sold $232,014 worth of computer equipment, beating all previous yearly records.] {STATE REWARD, IF ANY, ex. Jill will be awarded a round-trip vacation to the Bahamas for her incredible results.} [STATE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT TO OTHERS, ex. However, Jill will be greatly challenged to defend her title next year, as many members of our sales staff are hot on her trails.]

Congratulations [NAME, ex. Jill]!

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