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A to Z Letters 701-800

  1. Promissory Note, Payable On Demand, Variable Interest, Principal Payable On Maturity
  2. Promotional Letter - Accountant
  3. Promotional Letter - Air Freight
  4. Promotional Letter - Antique Shop
  5. Promotional Letter - Appliance Store
  6. Promotional Letter - Bank
  7. Promotional Letter - Bank Trust Department
  8. Promotional Letter - Bicycle Shop
  9. Promotional Letter - Book Seller
  10. Promotional Letter - Bridal Shop
  11. Promotional Letter - Bus Charter
  12. Promotional Letter - Business Broker
  13. Promotional Letter - Business Service
  14. Promotional Letter - Carpet Cleaning
  15. Promotional Letter - Catalog Sales
  16. Promotional Letter - Drinking Water
  17. Promotional Letter - Dry Cleaner Supplies
  18. Promotional Letter - Equipment Leasing: Example One
  19. Promotional Letter - Equipment Leasing: Example Two
  20. Promotional Letter - Finance Company
  21. Promotional Letter - Furrier
  22. Promotional Letter - Interior Design: Example One
  23. Promotional Letter - Medical Lab
  24. Promotional Letter - News Service Subscriber
  25. Promotional Letter - Oriental Rugs
  26. Promotional Letter - Private Investigations
  27. Promotional Letter - Public Relations
  28. Promotional Letter - School Programs And Services
  29. Prospecting An Accounting Firm
  30. Prospecting An Advertising Agency
  31. Prospecting Public Relations Firm
  32. Purchase Order
  33. Purchase Order Issued - Acceptance Of Delivery Date Estimate
  34. Purchase Order Letter With Terms
  35. Reassure Customer That Problem Will Be Redressed
  36. Receipt
  37. Receipt Of Unacceptable Merchandise Notice
  38. Recommendation Against Repair
  39. Recommendation Regarding Repaired Product
  40. Referral Of Account To Collection Agency
  41. Refund For Carefully-packaged Returned Merchandise
  42. Refund Of Duplicate Payment
  43. Refusal Of Employee Request For Early Raise
  44. Refusal Of Job Offer
  45. Refusal Of Offer Of Employment
  46. Refusal Of Request For Letter Of Recommendation
  47. Refusal Of Request To Increase Credit Limit
  48. Refusal To Accept Late Return Of Merchandise
  49. Refusal To Extend Time On Payment Of Invoice
  50. Refuse Request For Donation: Example One
  51. Refuse Request For Donation: Example Two
  52. Rejecting A Company Associated With A Bad Credit Score
  53. Rejecting A Company Due To Not Reaching The Standards Of The Criteria
  54. Rejecting An Extended Credit Proposal Due To The Companies Late Payments
  55. Rejecting The Request For Increase In Credit Limit
  56. Rejection Application For 30 Day Terms Of Credit
  57. Rejection Of Alternative Product Suggestion
  58. Rejection Of An Applicant After An Interview
  59. Rejection Of Application Following Interview: Failed To Meet Prerequisite
  60. Rejection Of Application Following Interview: Position Filled By More Qualified Applicant
  61. Rejection Of Application Following Interview: Position No Longer Available
  62. Rejection Of Bid
  63. Rejection Of Credit Terms Due To A Companies Past Credit Terms
  64. Rejection Of Proposal
  65. Rejection Of Shipment Due To Bad Quality: Cancel Order
  66. Rejection Of Shipment Due To Bad Quality: Please Re-ship
  67. Rejection Of Shipment Due To Late Delivery
  68. Rejection Of Unordered Products From Unknown Supplier
  69. Release Of Interest In Property Insurance Policy
  70. Reminder To Renew Medical Certification
  71. Reply And New Customer Welcome
  72. Reply And Referral To Distributor
  73. Reply Apology And Notice Of Shipment In Replacement
  74. Reply Canceling Unfilled Order
  75. Reply Notice Of Reshipment
  76. Reply Notice Of Shipment Being Traced
  77. Reply To Inquiry About Discontinued Model
  78. Reply To Inquiry And Inability To Offer Substitute
  79. Reply To Notice Of Item Missing From Carton
  80. Reply To Request About Credit Rejection
  81. Reponding Positively To Credit Terms Proposal
  82. Reprimand
  83. Request Advertising Agency For Fee
  84. Request Apology For Failing To Honour Check
  85. Request Bank For Copy Of Credit Rating Report
  86. Request Bank To Clarify Service Charge
  87. Request Bank To Close Account
  88. Request Bank To Place Stop-payment On Check
  89. Request Bank To Send Deposit Rates
  90. Request Bank To Send Term Rates
  91. Request Bank To Transfer Funds
  92. Request Bank To Wire Funds
  93. Request By Tenant To Landlord To Assign Balance Of Term Of Lease To New Tenant
  94. Request By Tenant To Landlord To Sublease Premises To New Tenant
  95. Request Company For Reference On Potential Employee
  96. Request Company To Verify Employment Record
  97. Request Confirmation That Bank Has No Interest In Specific Equipment
  98. Request Customer To Fill Questionnaire
  99. Request Deferral Of Interest Payment
  100. Request Delay In Providing Financial Statement
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