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A to Z Letters 401-500

  1. Formal Notice Of Probation
  2. Formal Notices Of An Annual Meeting Of Shareholders
  3. Friendly Apology For Late Payment
  4. Friendly Reminder - Alternate Letter To Remind Customer Of Outstanding Payment
  5. Friendly Reminder - For Annual Payment To Be Made
  6. Friendly Reminder - Invalid Cheque Payment From A Company
  7. Friendly Reminder - Invoice Is Due For Payment
  8. Friendly Reminder - Payment Is Due For A Prompt Payment
  9. Friendly Reminder - Payment Is Still Due
  10. From Dealer To Manufacturer Expressing Concern About New Dealer In Vicinity
  11. From Employee To Employer Retiring For Personal Reasons
  12. From Healthcare Professional To Patient Stressing Need For Follow-up Treatment
  13. From Landlord To Tenant Requesting Reimbursement For Utility Payment
  14. From Secured Creditor To Borrower Demanding Payment
  15. Full And Final Release
  16. Full And Final Release To Be Obtained By An Employer From An Employee When The Employee Has Been Terminated
  17. Fundraising From Vendors
  18. General Affidavit
  19. General Thank You
  20. Giving Notice Of Termination Of An Agreement: Friendly Terms
  21. Going-away Party And Invitation And Gift
  22. Good Customer Relations Letter
  23. Good Faith Partial Payment To Creditor
  24. Grant Of Request For Extension Of Time
  25. Happy New Year
  26. Hiring An Accounting Firm
  27. Hiring An Advertising Agency
  28. Holiday Letter To Stockholders
  29. Hope You Feel Better
  30. Immediate Payment Is Needed To Not Affect The Credit Rating
  31. Impending Litigation After Unproductive Arrangements Notice
  32. Indemnity Agreement (general Form)
  33. Indemnity Agreement To Be Given To Landlord By Someone Who Is Indemnifying The Landlord Against Non-payment By Tenant
  34. Individual Charge Account Denial Letter
  35. Informing Potential Job Applicant Of Interview
  36. Informing Potential Job Applicant That Prospective Interviewees Will Be Notified
  37. Initial Request For Removal From Fax Distribution List
  38. Inquire Bank Regarding Foreign Currency Accounts
  39. Insufficient Basis For Extending Regular Credit Terms With Another Company
  40. Insurance Binder
  41. Insurance Rate Increase Explanation
  42. Internal Announcement Of Job To Group
  43. Internal Meeting Announcement: Offsite
  44. Internal Meeting Announcement: Onsite
  45. Internal Request To Preferred Individual For Application
  46. Invitation To Attend Lecture (no Rsvp)
  47. Invitation To Attend Lecture: Rsvp Required
  48. Invitation To Company Party
  49. Invitation To Demo New Product Line
  50. Invitation To Golf Tournament - Humorous
  51. Invitation To Grand Opening
  52. Invitation To Hear Speaker (no Rsvp Required)
  53. Invitation To Join Association/club
  54. Invitation To Lunch Meeting
  55. Invitation To Seminar
  56. Invitation To Surprise Party (rsvp Required)
  57. Invitation To Tour Plant
  58. Item Requires Extra Time To Be Delivered
  59. I'm Sorry To Hear Of Your Accident
  60. Job Applicant Education Verification Cover Letter
  61. Job Applicant Employment Verification Form
  62. Job Offer
  63. Job Prospecting Letter To Human Resources Department: With Referral
  64. Job Prospecting Letter To Human Resources Department: Without Referral
  65. Job Prospecting Letter To Management: With Referral
  66. Job Prospecting Letter To Management: Without Referral
  67. Landlord Not To Increase Rent
  68. Last Letter Sent For Late Payment
  69. Late Payment Cover Letter
  70. Late Payment, Firm Tone: Letter: Example Four (product)
  71. Late Payment, Firm Tone: Letter: Example Four (service)
  72. Late Payment, Firm Tone: Letter: Example One
  73. Late Payment, Firm Tone: Letter: Example Three (product)
  74. Late Payment, Firm Tone: Letter: Example Three (service)
  75. Late Payment, Firm Tone: Letter: Example Two
  76. Late Payment, Moderate Tone: Final Notice
  77. Late Payment, Moderate Tone: Letter: Example One (product)
  78. Late Payment, Moderate Tone: Letter: Example One (service)
  79. Late Payment, Moderate Tone: Letter: Example Three
  80. Late Payment, Moderate Tone: Letter: Example Two (new Customer)
  81. Late Payment, Moderate Tone: Letter: Example Two (repeat Customer)
  82. Late Return Authorization
  83. Late Shipment Cannot Be Tolerated In The Future
  84. Late Tax Filing Penalty Waiver
  85. Law Firm Retainer
  86. Letter Asking To Settle Outstanding Balance
  87. Letter Canceling Unfilled Order
  88. Letter For Not Accepted Customers Order
  89. Letter Notice Of Litigation
  90. Letter Of Authorization To Negotiate
  91. Letter Of Default On Promissory Note
  92. Letter Of Dismissal Of An Employee Due To Redundancy
  93. Letter Of Dismissal Of An Employee Due To Redundancy
  94. Letter Of Encouragement To Sales Staff
  95. Letter Of Follow Up Or Duplicate Order
  96. Letter Of Recommendation
  97. Letter Of Recommendation: Example One
  98. Letter Of Recommendation: Example Two
  99. Letter Of Resignation
  100. Letter Of Resignation - Acknowledgment
Example & Sample letters included:
Authorizations, Interest, Instructions To Bank, Request To Bank, Miscellaneous...
Announcements, Apologies, Billing Errors, Congratulations, Credit, Handling Complaints, Invitations, Meetings With Customer, Order Problems, Post-Sale Correspondence, Returns, Thank You, Miscellaneous...
Acknowledgement, Character, Credit Management, Donations, Email, Employment, Head, Fundraising, Job Search, Retaining Professional Advisers, Of Agreement...
Appointment, Employee Performance, Hiring, Internal Announcements, Internal Meetings, Problems And Terminations, Resign, Resignations...
Appreciation, College, Condolences, Congratulations, Dispute, Farewell, Love, Engagement, Motivation, Reference, Retirement, Sympathy, Thank You...
Collection, Demand, Landlord And Tenant, Promissory Notes...
Advertising And Media, Business, Press Releases, Promotions, Public Relations...
Bids and Proposals, Complaint, Compliments and Suggestions, Credit, Finding a Supplier, Orders, Payments, Product Problems, Shipment Problems...
Appeal, Application, Apology, Christmas, Confirmation, Cover, Covering, Eviction, Follow Up, How To Write Writing, Intent, Interview, Formal, Letterhead, Query, Recommendation, Relieving, Rejection, Resumes, Requesting, Sponsor Sponsorship, Solicitation...
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