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A to Z Letters 201-300

  1. Christmas Bonus Letter
  2. Christmas Employee Discount Offer
  3. Christmas Season Thank You To Valued Customers
  4. Collateral Decision & Request For Loan Documents
  5. Collection Letters: Example Four
  6. Collection Letters: Example Three
  7. Collection Letters: Example Two
  8. Collection Report: Example One
  9. Commendation And Refusal Of Request For Raise
  10. Commending Employee
  11. Commercial Offer
  12. Company Bonus Letter
  13. Company Credit Account Approval Letter
  14. Company Credit Account Denial For Unfavorable Report
  15. Company Credit Account Denial Letter
  16. Company Introduction / Marketting Letter / Business Introduction
  17. Complaint: Displeased With Service
  18. Complaint: Displeased With Temp
  19. Complaint: Displeased With Treatment
  20. Complimentary Letter To Employee On Handling Of Difficulty
  21. Complimenting Supplier's Employee
  22. Complimenting/thanking Supplier
  23. Condolences On Death Of Colleague's Spouse
  24. Condolences On Death Of Colleague's Loved One
  25. Condolences On Death Of Colleague's Parent Or Grandparent
  26. Confidential: Example Eight - Asking For Ex Employee Information
  27. Confidential: Example Five
  28. Confidential: Example Five - Friendly Recommendation
  29. Confidential: Example Four
  30. Confidential: Example One
  31. Confidential: Example Seven
  32. Confidential: Example Six
  33. Confidential: Example Three
  34. Confidential: Example Two
  35. Confidentiality Agreement
  36. Confidentiality Agreement Between Firms
  37. Confirm Attendance Of Seminar
  38. Confirm Telephone Purchase Order
  39. Confirmation Of A Job Offer To An Applicant: Example One
  40. Confirmation Of A Job Offer To An Applicant: Example Three
  41. Confirmation Of A Job Offer To An Applicant: Example Two
  42. Confirmation Of Extension Of Payment Date
  43. Confirmation Of Interview Appointment
  44. Confirmation Of Meeting With Customer
  45. Confirmation Of Order For Customers First Order
  46. Confirmation Of Purchase Agreement
  47. Confirmation Of Receiving Payment
  48. Confirmation Of Service Appointment
  49. Confirmation Of Suggestion Of Employee Suggestion
  50. Confirmation Of Telephone Report Of Problem
  51. Confirmation Of Verbal Order
  52. Confirming Deferral Of Mortgage Payment
  53. Confirming Renewal Of An Agreement
  54. Congratulate Someone On Their Wedding
  55. Congratulations On A Job Well Done
  56. Congratulations On Appointment As Partner
  57. Congratulations On Article
  58. Congratulations On Employee On 5-year Anniversary
  59. Congratulations On Expansion
  60. Congratulations On Formation Of New Company
  61. Congratulations On Graduating
  62. Congratulations On Increased Sales
  63. Congratulations On New Child
  64. Congratulations On New Home
  65. Congratulations On New House
  66. Congratulations On New Job
  67. Congratulations On New Premises/office
  68. Congratulations On Promotion: Example One
  69. Congratulations On Promotion: Example Three
  70. Congratulations On Promotion: Example Two
  71. Congratulations On Published Quote
  72. Congratulations On Wedding
  73. Congratulations On Winning Company Award
  74. Congratulations On Winning Court Case
  75. Congratulations To New Business
  76. Congratulations To New Owners
  77. Consent Of Landlord To Assignment Of Lease By Tenant
  78. Consent Of Landlord To Sublease Of Lease By Tenant
  79. Contract - Goods
  80. Contract Expiring
  81. Contract: Example Two - Goods
  82. Conversion Of Open Account To Pre-payment Status.
  83. Correction Of Deposition
  84. Cover Letter
  85. Cover Letter - Renewed Charge Card
  86. Cover Letter In Response To Catalog Request
  87. Cover Letters Responding To Employment Advertisements: Example Eight
  88. Cover Letters Responding To Employment Advertisements: Example Five
  89. Cover Letters Responding To Employment Advertisements: Example Four
  90. Cover Letters Responding To Employment Advertisements: Example Nine
  91. Cover Letters Responding To Employment Advertisements: Example One
  92. Cover Letters Responding To Employment Advertisements: Example Seven
  93. Cover Letters Responding To Employment Advertisements: Example Six
  94. Cover Letters Responding To Employment Advertisements: Example Three
  95. Cover Letters Responding To Employment Advertisements: Example Two
  96. Credit Extension To Past Due Account
  97. Credit Letters - Request For A Line Of Commercial Credit: Example One
  98. Credit Letters: Example Three
  99. Credit Letters: Example Two
  100. Credit Line Arrangement. Variable Rate Of Interest. Repayable On Demand
Example & Sample letters included:
Authorizations, Interest, Instructions To Bank, Request To Bank, Miscellaneous...
Announcements, Apologies, Billing Errors, Congratulations, Credit, Handling Complaints, Invitations, Meetings With Customer, Order Problems, Post-Sale Correspondence, Returns, Thank You, Miscellaneous...
Acknowledgement, Character, Credit Management, Donations, Email, Employment, Head, Fundraising, Job Search, Retaining Professional Advisers, Of Agreement...
Appointment, Employee Performance, Hiring, Internal Announcements, Internal Meetings, Problems And Terminations, Resign, Resignations...
Appreciation, College, Condolences, Congratulations, Dispute, Farewell, Love, Engagement, Motivation, Reference, Retirement, Sympathy, Thank You...
Collection, Demand, Landlord And Tenant, Promissory Notes...
Advertising And Media, Business, Press Releases, Promotions, Public Relations...
Bids and Proposals, Complaint, Compliments and Suggestions, Credit, Finding a Supplier, Orders, Payments, Product Problems, Shipment Problems...
Appeal, Application, Apology, Christmas, Confirmation, Cover, Covering, Eviction, Follow Up, How To Write Writing, Intent, Interview, Formal, Letterhead, Query, Recommendation, Relieving, Rejection, Resumes, Requesting, Sponsor Sponsorship, Solicitation...
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